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We began as a small and humble facebook group passionate about Celtic culture, history and Druidry. Our goal is to simply provide a free and easy outlet for likeminded followers of Druidry to connect and share knowledge. If you’d like to be a guest blogger or be involved, just shoot us an email at discoverdruidry@gmail.com!

Disclaimer: Our pictures and content are public domain, creative commons or our own photography. Photo license: here. We credit when possible but sometimes the original has been shared so many times we're incapable of finding the original. Other artwork is attributed with the author and links to their pages. We never charge for any posts, blogs or any type of advertising. Anything expressed on the blog or otherwise is done at our own accord.    

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The following is a list of leader organizations or individuals involved in or that we can attribute our published content to on our facebook page or blog.

OBOD- United Kingdom


The Order of Bards, Ovates & Druids is a worldwide group dedicated to practising, teaching, and developing Druidry as a valuable and inspiring spirituality. The Order was founded in Britain over 50 years ago by the historian and poet Ross Nichols, aided by the writer and founder of the Tolkien Society Vera Chapman, and fellow members of the Ancient Druid Order, which developed during the early years of the last century out of the Druid Revival which began about three hundred years ago.

Membership of the Order is open to followers of all faiths and none, regardless of gender, sexual orientation or ethnic origin, and there are currently over seventeen thousand members in fifty countries. The Order offers comprehensive training in Druidry in seven languages through its distance learning course, which includes a personal mentorship programme, camps and gatherings in many countries, a monthly magazine, and members' internet forums. as well as training in celebrancy.



Irish Druid Network- Ireland


The purpose of IDN is to provide a directory of druids, druid organisations and druid events in Ireland. This is to facilitate better communication within the Irish druid community; it is a free service with no affiliations and will remain completely impartial.

The Irish Druid Network was set up in 2006 by Luke Eastwood and Wil Kinghan, both practising their faith in Ireland. Both are members of OBOD but also pursue their own individual and group work within an Irish context.


Contemporary Druids- United States


The Contemporary Druids are a small grove located in the Pacific Northwest of the USA. They grew up together in Christian and secular homes but found as young adults they wanted more out of their spiritual lives than they were finding on their previous paths. They wanted to explore a spiritual connection to nature, find a higher kinship with the living breathing world and honor their ancestral roots. Soon they began exploring Pagan belief systems and the tenets of Druidism resounded so strongly they knew they had found their way home. 

Looking to tie their newfound spiritual journey into their modern American lives they reached out to likeminded individuals to share their journey with and found a supportive, loving and kind community.


Stair na hÉireann- Ireland


Cead míle fáilte! Stair na hÉireann will take you on an enchanting journey through Ireland's culture, language, history, ancient secrets, archaeology, arts & music, literature and thousands of places that link us to our past and the present. 



Isla MacKinnon - Scotland


Isla is a writer, poet, singer, wife and mother. She has loved and felt drawn to nature, her ancestors and the Druids for as long as she can remember. In her spare time, she enjoys steam punk novels, going to local festivals, as well as working with her show dogs. She wrote and contributed our official guide book. 

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Rik Silfies-Potter - United States


Rik is an author, teacher, druid witch and member of the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids. He lives in the Lehigh Valley area of Pennsylvania with his husband Matthew. He's taught public classes for several years on a number of topics related to Magic and Witchcraft, but these days he only teaches privately. He is the founder of the House of Blackthorn, a private, formal training that blends Druidry and Celtic Paganism with Old World Witchcraft. He has been on the magic path for 30 years, and offers services such as celtic tarot/oracle readings, numerology, Reiki treatments, hand-made spell candles, witch bottles, essential oil blends, soaps and other items for magical use. He currently has two books available on Amazon, "Walking a Magic Path" and "The Noble Art of Divination" (a tarot/oracle journal). Visit his website for more information.

Website/ House of Blackthorn



Richard Price - Wales


Richard Price is a bagpiper / musician and dance master who was born in Beddgelert in North Wales, very close to Taliesin's birthplace of "Llyn Tegid." The intention of all his endeavors is to bring to modern audiences some of the myth and magic of the great Bard Taliesin, using newly written material and traditional songs from Britain/Wales.

He has spent a lifetime creating music, dance, art, photography, film and storytelling which is driven by the striving to be an 'Awenydd' or a innovative being inspired by the creative muse 'Awen.' He is a well respected expert in the performance of the music and circle dances of Brittany. Richard has traveled extensively and has lived in many parts of the world. He currently makes his home in San Diego, California with his wife Sorcha Sinclair who is a Gnostic Witch and jewelry designer.


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SoCal Green Man Society

Julie Brett - Australia


Julie Brett is the author of the book Pagan Portals - Australian Druidry. She is passionate about reawakening the magic of the Australian landscape for all Australians. She is also passionate about Druidry and creating new forms of it that recognize the integral aspects of both ancestor-based tradition and nature-based tradition, bringing these together to create a form of Druidry that is truly Australian. She is the founder of the Druids Down Under network on Facebook and also a jewelry artist for her label Forest Spirit Jewelry. She is based now in The Blue Mountains, NSW Australia.  

Website/ Pagan Portals – Australian Druidry

Facebook/ Druids Down Under

Facebook/ Spirit Jewelry

George Nicholas - England


George has always been drawn to the magic and mystical elements of nature, and intuitively was fascinated by the interconnection and balance of all things therein. This has been the deep inspiration behind his poetry and song writing, leading to his very own unique sound and style that reminds us of our own hunger to be connected fully with the sacredness of life and that we live in a great story that is taking us on an ever unfolding journey.In just a few years the music of Cernunnos Rising is accumulating a loyal, global following and these unique songs of man, myth and magic, seasons and soul, and powerful ecological reminders have the seeds of a deep truth that resonates within all of us. Now on his 5th album of totally original songs George will continue to grow and evolve on his creative journey and remain prolific in his endeavour to “create” within the world of music, art and the realms of the imagination.    

George’s career has been varied over the years, from display artist, sign-writer, sculpturist, cartoonist and publisher, inventor, actor, singer songwriter, security boss, American fire-fighter and paramedic (In Georgia USA), community arts champion, and founder of the Art For Their Sake charity. 

Despite his very busy and productive life, George has ran and organized the Art For Their Sake charity creating a vast array of large scale, vibrant mural projects in special needs schools, hospices, and hospitals etc throughout the UK for nearly 40 years. He also designs and builds special, unique, interactive, tactile, and fibre-optic illuminated murals within these institutions. He still is to this day engaged fully in this charity work that greatly improves environments for the sick, disabled, disadvantaged, and terminally ill. 

Website / Art For Their Sake

Website/ Cernunnos Rising


Síthearan NicLeòid - Canada


Síthearan NicLeòid (S. P. MacLeod) is a Canadian author and teacher, Gaelic singer and professional musician, ban-druí and ban-fili, and Harvard trained Celticist. She has studied Old Irish, Scottish Gaelic, modern Irish, Welsh, Cornish and Breton, and sings in these languages as well. Her areas of special training include Pagan Celtic religion and mythology, Old Irish poetry and wisdom texts, Celtic deities, and Gaelic folklore.  

She has taught Celtic mythology, poetry, literature and culture at the university level, and has given honorarium lectures at Harvard University and University College Cork (with upcoming lectures at Trinity College Dublin and other venues in Ireland and Scotland). She has published numerous academic articles on Celtic myth and religion in the Proceedings of the Harvard Celtic Colloquium (Harvard University Press) and Cosmos: Journal of the Society for Traditional Cosmology (University of Edinburgh), and has a chapter appearing in an upcoming academic book: "Thinking about Celtic Mythology in the 21st Century" (University of Wales Press).

She is currently working on a grant funded research project (Eólas ar Senchais) to study and restore authentic Celtic music and ritual from the pagan era, and is working with scholars and tradition bearers in the Celtic countries. Her most recent book, "Celtic Myth and Religion: A Study of Traditional Belief" is being used in college courses, and copies are held in numerous libraries and universities around the world, including the Royal Irish Academy. She is the founder of Túatha Imbais, and runs training programs and advanced courses.

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Cara Deva - United States


Cara recently returned to the Bay Area after four years on a deep transformational soul journey in the west of Ireland where she was immersed in the mystical realm of the devas and Celtic Ancestors. During her 4 years she studied shamanism, ecotherapy and psychotherapy and was awakened to her true purpose as a healer and seer reconnecting with my ancestral memory in the land and sacred sites. She was called by her ancestors to heal her lineage and reawaken the sacred memory as a Druid creating a rainbow bridge of interconnection from the past to the future, east to west and from indigenous to modern. 

Her passion and work now is to guide people back into interconnection with Nature through shamanic Druid practices, classes, healings, soul readings and journeys - to find the sacred in every day, healing ourselves and healing the planet. 

She is also a professional photographer specializing in portraits and wedding photojournalism and has advanced degrees in counseling psychotherapy and Irish archaeology. She also offers sacred journeys to Ireland to share the magic, beauty and mystery she experienced on the land with others. The journeys will have a spiritual shamanic focus. 


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MeetUp: Shamanism- Earth and Soul Wisdom for Modern Life 

Jeremy Taylor - United States


Jeremy Taylor, also known as Aiwendil Sylvanus, was born in 1975 and raised on a family farm in upstate New York. Jeremy has a strong interest in and connection to nature, that goes back to his childhood. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in environmental biology, and an MBA in sustainable business. He has worked as a zookeeper, wildlife biologist, and pet care manager for a retail pet company in the past, and currently works as a state environmental educator, with his main duty being the editing of a nature magazine for children.

Jeremy began exploring different paths around the year 2000, and has settled on what he describes as animistic Celtic polytheism, with a tendency towards Druidry. Very much still learning, he is a member of several druid orders and other pagan groups, as well as multiple environmental organizations. Outside of nature and environmental issues, some of his hobbies and interests include history, genealogy, gardening, photography, Star Wars, Harry Potter, and the Lord of the Rings. Jeremy shares his home with a multitude of animal companions and houseplants, and his property, Quertarmagh Grove, has been designated a Certified Wildlife Habitat by the National Wildlife Federation.

Nimue Brown - England


Nimue Brown is the author of assorted Druid and Pagan titles and blogs most days at www.druidlife.wordpress.com. She's OBOD trained but has gone somewhat feral, and at the moment is working primarily with Bardic traditions. She was very much involved in the Contemplative Druid movement, is a Woodland Trust volunteer, a keen walker and a steampunk womble.

Published works

Nick O' Connor - England

Nick O'Connor is the regional co-ordinator for Surrey and North Hampshire for the Pagan Federation.

Nick O'Connor is the regional co-ordinator for Surrey and North Hampshire for the Pagan Federation. He has been a witch for over 16 years and has experience with and knowledge of many various crystals and herbs. He is a member of the Society for Storytelling and gives talks on English and Native American folklore at pagan events and schools. To date, Nick has numerous articles published on folklore, the history of paganism, practical magic and poetry in a variety of pagan publications. 

Yuri Levy - Portugal


Yuri is a pedagogue, yoga teacher, speaker and spiritualist writer. He has published five books on spirituality in Portuguese and is currently working on a sixth about Druidry. He has been studying Druidism since a young teenager. He also has an inspirational and spiritual YouTube channel in Portuguese called Atma Vidya, the "science of the self" and encourages attaining the highest wisdom and enlightenment we can reach in our lifetime. 

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