Q & A


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Can I follow multiple paths at the same time?

Absolutely, and many people do. 

Are there other earth based spiritualities?

Yes, there are many wonderful and meaningful religions, philosophies and spiritualities that align with nature! Some include Pantheism, Native American, Indigenous, African Tribal, Aboriginine, Wiccan, Witchcraft, Shintoism, Buddhism, Shamanism, Animism, Paganism in general and more specific paths within that are Celtic, Greek, Roman or Norse (Odinism). There is also a Gaia New Age movement in general embracing many various cultures in one. This is generally called Eclectic Paganism.  

What is a pagan?

A pagan by definition is "a person holding religious beliefs other than those of the main world religions". It more broadly refers to belief systems in harmony with nature and the natural forces of our world and universe. The belief in ideas such as an afterlife, reincarnation and a god or goddess (or multiple deities) varies greatly. 

What holidays do Druids or Celtic Pagans celebrate? 

Generally, they celebrate the solstices and equinoxes of which there are four total as well as the four traditional Celtic seasonal celebrations Samhain, Imbolc, Beltane and Lughnasadah. Each of these events are tied into the natural cycles of the earth, decay and rebirth. Many still celebrate modern holidays simply with a pagan origin twist. Many elements of Christmas and Easter are pagan in origin as well as all of Halloween. For example, bringing in greenery in winter, holly, mistletoe, cornucopia, eggs, bunnies etc. are all pagan in origin. Halloween (Samhain) of course is the most famous and widely celebrated of the pagan festivals. 

Is a Druid just a witch by another name?

Although the holidays celebrated by some Witches are Celtic in origin, a Druid is not a Witch by default. You have to actually practice Witchcraft to be a Witch. People identify with many different titles, all relevant, personal and unique to the individual. This is comparable to saying that if you're a Protestant you are also a Catholic. This is comparable to saying that all people that celebrate Christmas or any other holiday must be of the same religion. Are there some Druids who also identify as witches? Yes. 

What is Witchcraft?

Witchcraft very broadly is the practice of, and belief in, magical skills and abilities to be exercised by individuals or by certain social groups. They may make spells or potions, aim to practice unique powers such as fortune telling through clairvoyance or tarot reading and have psychic medium abilities. There are many varying beliefs surrounding the term "magic". Some believe it to simply be the power of the mind or natural intuition, while others genuinely believe in supernatural magical abilities. Some people follow the organized Wiccan religion based around Witchcraft , or join individualized witch groups while others are solitary practitioners. Modern Wiccan and Druidry developed somewhat side by side and share many similarities. 

Are there different kinds of Druids or Witches?

Yes there are. Many Druids identify as either a Bard, Ovate or Druid themselves depending on their skill set. Many people identify as simply a Celtic Pagan. There are witch type people in many various cultures around the world. Each culture has their own term for it but the European term witch simply means "wise one".  Again, depending on skill set, a person may identify as any number of titles. Some of these are the shaman, hedge witch, kitchen witch, green witch, eclectic witch. Etcetera.


What is the difference between Druidry and Witchcraft?

While Druidry and Witchcraft both focus on our connection with nature and the infinite world around us, Druidry is less about the magical aspects. Witchcraft is a practice. Druidry is a philosophy and spiritual path. 

Were Druids originally witches?

Druids may have been the precursor to the European witch. The term witch or wiccae was coined after Druidry went underground around 400 CE in the British Isles. 

Do Druids or witches practice Satanism?

This is comparable to saying that people who practice Satanism also practice Christianity. Christianity actually does have more in common with Satanism than Druidry or Witchcraft as most do not even believe in Satan existing or follow Christianity. In a way you have to be somewhat of a Christian to believe in Satan in the first place. While Druid philosophy and Witchcraft in general are not related to Satan or Satanism in any way, people practice what they choose and some people choose multiple paths.